Development is a Journey: A Conversation Roadmap for Talking with Families

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06/22/2023 - 10:00am to 1:00pm
Live Interactive Webinar
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Brazelton Touchpoints Center
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(857) 218-4451
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Development is a Journey: A Conversation Roadmap for Talking with Families

Early identification and intervention are critical to promote a child’s optimal development. Yet, developmental screening results and concerns can be anxiety-provoking for families and providers. The Brazelton Touchpoints Center has developed a tool to help family-facing providers have collaborative and productive conversations with families about developmental screening results. The Development is a Journey Conversation Roadmap facilitates these conversations with seven simple steps to enhance the provider-parent partnership and engage parents and other caregivers in planning for their child’s developmental needs.

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Explore the seven steps in the Roadmap tool
  • Learn strategies to engage parents and families in the developmental screening process
  • Practice having conversations about developmental screening results that honor families’ perspectives, cultures, and values
  • Learn strategies to elicit parents’ observations of their children’s strengths, as well as their concerns about their children’s behavior and development
  • Practice sharing their own observations of children’s behavior with parents
  • Practice next steps when a developmental screener yields reason for concern

Audience: This workshop is for all family-facing providers — and their supervisors — who engage with families of young children around developmental screening, including early care and education professionals, home visitors, pediatricians, pediatric nurse practitioners, early interventionists, and more.

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# of hours: 3 clock hour certificate will be provided

Presenters/Facilitators: Jayne Singer, PhD, IECMH-E®, Director of Developmental and Relational Health, Brazelton Touchpoints Center; Clinical Psychologist, Boston Children’s Hospital

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