About the Community of Learning

The Community of Learning (COL) is a cross-system and multidisciplinary workforce development institute that provides child-focused and family-centered professional development opportunities for FIRST 5 partners and community members. The COL engages local, state and national experts in the field of early childhood development to strengthen core competencies in FIRST 5 partners from a variety of disciplines, such as community education and engagement, family support, early education, and behavioral and physical health. Central to the foundation of the COL are evidence-based practices that provide participants with the knowledge, skills, and competencies to implement proven service delivery models for supporting children and families. The Community of Learning offers professional development opportunities, ranging from one-time workshops to multi-month training programs that encompassed a variety of formats from traditional in-person settings to agency-hosted webinars to meet the learning needs and preferences of FIRST 5 partners.


If you are a parent interested in finding a workshop, please visit http://www.first5kids.org/frc .