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SEEDS Early Literacy

The purpose of this workshop is to prepare practitioners to facilitate a SEEDS workshop. The goal of SEEDS is to prepare parents/caregivers to develop the necessary early literacy skills they need to support their child’s school readiness. It is an interactive, skills focused curriculum, based on current research in early childhood education, child development, emergent literacy and effective teaching. SEEDS is a map to help parents/caregivers intentionally demonstrate the following behaviors throughout their daily interactions with children:

• Sensitivity: looking, listening and asking questions to become aware of individual child needs, thoughts,
abilities and feelings.
• Encouragement and Enjoyment: intentional affirmation, and positive non-verbal communication to create a shared
positive learning environment.
• Educating children by embedding the "Big 5" Literacy opportunities in daily routines.
• Developing children through "Doing", clapping, singing, thinking, reading, writing, talking, jumping, and
exploring their world through hands on learning.
• Balancing the SEEDS Quality Interactions to support a child’s Self-Image that feels respected and capable.  

08/06/2020 - 12:30pm WEBINAR