Understanding Our Attachment to Attachment: The Basics of Attachment Theories and Clinical Relevance

Workshop Date(s): 
02/01/2019 - 9:00am to 4:30pm
Mental Health Department, Learning Partnership, 2nd Floor
1075 E Santa Clara St.
95116 San Jose , CA
Contact Person: 
Genie Lee
Phone Number: 
(408) 792-3900
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6 hours (CEU hours qualifies for annual CE requirements)
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0 hours
No seat limit.
Course Description: 

Understanding Our Attachment to Attachment: The Basics of Attachment Theories and Clinical Relevance

This session will open with a description of the key theorists and researchers
in the area of attachment, and will compare and contrast their perspectives. A brief overview of the literature related to child and adult attachment will be discussed, including the implications of attachment theory in early care set- tings and in adult professionals engaged in therapeutic work. The distinction between the “Attachment” and “Love” systems and processes will be dis- cussed from psycho-dynamic and neurobiological perspectives. Finally, a child’s behaviors, suggestive of the various attachment categories, will be considered by the group, and the group will discuss how the concept of
attachment can be appropriately described in clinical notes and legal reports.

Participants will :
•  Describe the key attachment theories, theorists, and perspective List and describe the attachment
   categories described by Mary Ainsworth
•  Describe the work of Howes in understanding early childhood attachment in group settings
•  Discuss the implications of a professional’s adult attachment status in providing clinical services
•  Explain how the concepts of attachment, bonding and love differ
•  Discuss the implications of using the term “attachment” in clinical notes and legal reports

Additional Information: 

Target Audience: Santa Clara County Behavioral Health Services Staff and contracted agencies.

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PowerPoint/Handouts: Please go to the following link to print your own copy: https://www.sccgov.org/sites/bhd-p/


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