Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening & Support Certification Workshop

FIRST 5 Santa Clara County - Community Room
4000 Moorpark Avenue, Suite 100
95117 San Jose , CA
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Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening & Support Certification Training

How can we work with families most effectively?

What does it mean to be a quality Family Strengthening and Support program?

How can managers, direct service staff, and families work together to develop and sustain quality programs?

This full-day certification training on the Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening & Support details how the 9 Principles of Family Support and the Strengthening Families Approach, with its evidence-informed 5 Protective Factors, can be applied together to enhance your work with families.  Whether you are setting up a new program or strengthening an existing one, the Standards provide a blueprint for implementing best practice.

Participants are highly encouraged to come as teams with Executive Directors, Managers, Coordinators, and Direct Service Staff, as each has a key role to play in implementing the Standards effectively.   Participants who complete the full session will receive certificates from the California Network of Family Strengthening Networks that are valid for two years.  

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Topics covered:

  • Overview of the Principles of Family Support Practice
  • Overview of the Strengthening Families Approach and its 5 Protective Factors
  • Family Centeredness -- How can we develop and implement a program that is centered on the needs of families?
  • Family Strengthening -- How can we help families to build upon their strengths for achieving success?
  • Embracing Diversity -- How can staff and families embrace the many facets of diversity?
  • Community Building -- How can Programs and families build strong communities?
  • Evaluation -- How do we know how well our Programs are serving families?


Please note that the registration period for this training is from 8:30 am - 9:00 am.  Attendees arriving after 9:00 am will not be able to participate.